Let's build something great together!

I swear to love and cherish your project just like i will love my own one. :)

About me

Hi, I'm Roman, on the internet I'm lambidu and I'm a web developer, for more than ten years.

In early 2005, I began to learn programming. It was love at first sight.

At first I started to learn how to work in PHP, then the HTML and JavaScript, after MySQL. That was enough to start making money doing what I like. And I was delighted.

In recent years, I have studied different patterns of programming in order to make my code more qualitative, more expandable and a lot easier to be integrated or reused in or by other projects.

I'm currently working with, and at the same time improving my skills, in programming with latest frameworks ASP.NET Core and Angular released by Microsoft and Google.

And I'm still growing :)